Kid’s Corner

For Parents

New parents often have questions such as:
     Q: “When should my child first see a dentist?”
     Q: “When should I expect my child’s teeth to appear in the mouth?”
     Q: “How do I prevent my child from developing cavities?”

Edgemont Dental Care has prepared a two-page pamphlet called “Your Child’s Dental Health” which answers these common questions.  An enlarged version of the Primary Tooth Development chart is also available.

Your Child’s Dental Health
Primary Tooth Development

British Columbia Dental Association

The British Columbia Dental Association (BCDA) has created an informative video link which we encourage new parents to explore – Your Child’s Baby Teeth and Maintaining Your Child’s Good Dental Health.

For Kids

We encourage parents to make their children excited about coming to the dentist. Remember, it is important to keep the experience upbeat and positive!  There are many children’s books available discussing topics from brushing to visiting the dentist. With familiar friends by their side, it is easier for children to relax and even enjoy the experience. Make it fun!

Tooth Colouring Page

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