Dental Insurance
Our administrative staff will electronically file your dental insurance claims with your provider.  For larger cases, a flexible payment plan can be arranged through a secondary provider.

It is worth noting that most dental insurance plans are designed to assist patients with their dental care. They are not intended to cover all aspects of care. Dental insurance is based on a policy which your employer negotiates with the insurance company. To avoid surprises and ensure your comfort, be sure to confirm your coverage with your provider or speak to your employee benefits representative.

Insurance Processes
In recent years, there have been many changes regarding the relationship between the patient, the dental office and the dental insurance companies.
Here are some things to consider:

1.Increased patient information confidentiality. Most insurance companies will not discuss patient dental coverage information with our office. They will only communicate with the patient. This makes it very difficult for us to accurately estimate how much of the cost of a procedure will be covered by insurance.

2.Insurance plans vary. While at one time procedures covered by insurance companies were fairly consistent, these days each plan is unique. Again, this makes it difficult for us to predict what procedures will be covered.

3.How much are you covered? Many dental insurance plans express dental coverage as a percentage (Eg. A: 100%, B: 50%, C: 0%). It’s important to note this means the carrier has agreed to pay a percentage of fees based on a particular fee guide the carrier has chosen. Be sure you clearly understand how much of the quoted fee your plan will cover. Questions relating to dental insurance coverage may typically be answered by the insurer or your employee benefits representative.

4.Predeterminations for treatment. Insurers often send a “predetermination for treatment” directly to the patient. Please watch for this important letter and bring it to our office for interpretation.

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